Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, have a look at Easycost Time and Easycost Book

No we don't work with Wordpress.

Yes, we charge a hosting, maintenance and service fee for monthly changes & updates.We also bill out any additional costs that we incur on behalf of you, such as sms's, domain renewals or server charges.

Yes, we require a 50% deposit upfront & the rest of the payment once you are happy, before going live.

We will not develop anything that is intended for any unethical purpose, we will also not develop anything that contains nudity or any other illegal activity.

It really depends on what you want to have done, if you send us the full specifications, we will be able to send you a time frame and cost estimation back.

We require that our clients send us all images, content, video's, menu's, price lists & anything else needed to develop their website or software.There will be delays if we do not receive everything in order to do our job.

You get 2 free revisions for an graphic design done.Any full website & software revision will only be done if we did not meet any of your specifications, we will send it to you during development to constantly check and test before we finalise any work.

Please contact us for a quote, we have different pricing for different type of projects & designs, which is based on complexity.

Currently we are only taking on clients from South Africa. We will be taking on clients that are based in Montenegro from June 2022.

We hope we have answered your questions!

Pop us a message if you didn't get an answer to any of the questions you have.